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About Our Charity

The James Apter Friendship Fund was set up in 2012 and received official charity status in September 2013. The charity is run by a group of family and friends on a purely voluntary basis. Our philosophy is that all children deserve to smile and we think we can make that happen!

We know that being in hospital can be a pretty miserable time, that’s even more so when you’re a child. Not being able to go to school, see their friends or enjoy a home cooked meal are all simple things that can cause a child psychological distress, especially if they don’t understand why they need to be in hospital. We aim to alleviate some of that stress and anxiety by providing a much needed distraction for the children.

We mostly support children undergoing treatments at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and Ormskirk Hospital by delivering gifts and toys to bring smiles to the children’s faces. We make regular visits throughout the year and every donation we receive goes to supporting the work we do. We have also supported local hospices and other hospitals within the North West of England.

There are many ways in which you can help us continue our work, simply click contact us and help us deliver more smiles to children’s faces.

Thank you for your support xxx


About James

James Apter was born with Cystic Fibrosis and sadly diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in April 2011. James fought hard for 5 months and lost his battle on 8th September 2011 leaving us all heartbroken and devastated, aged just 9 years old.

James was a kind and considerate young man who was very fondly thought of by everyone who met him. He had a very caring nature and loved helping others. After James had passed we needed a way to keep his memory alive. We decided to set up the friendship fund to make this happen. 

Our vision is to bring a smile to every child’s face, just like James always had on his.